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Thanks for visiting Financial Literacy. Here you'll find strategies to build wealth through real estate and information to educate, empower and guide you to identify the best financing for purchasing a home. With this knowledge, you'll save money, feel more secure and continue to build wealth over time!


Home is a place where "generational memories" are created. It has an unconscious impact on how you think and view the world. Your home is where you nurture the values you hold most dear, a refuge to the outer world where you build your legacy and your children’s destiny! Love, stability, safety, fulfilled expectations, challenges and disappointments. Homework, growth, skinned knees, and transformation. A home has the power to change people’s lives, and those people have the power to positively change the world. A home has the soul of its occupants woven into the fibers of its carpet and buried in the roots of the trees surrounding it.

Steve Calem

MBA, Senior Mortgage Banker

Homeownership is regarded as causing an improvement in the quality of life of a typical family. It is the most common method for such a family to build wealth...that can be used for retirement or other needs, including helping the next generation. Such wealth creation, therefore, provides a major social, as well as economic, benefit.

Don Layton

Senior Industry Fellow, Joint Center for Housing Studies

Harvard University


When you buy real estate, you own an appreciating asset providing a historical growth rate of 3-5% annually. It may go through hills and valleys, but it will always bounce back. With financing, you can own the “asset appreciation” for a partial down payment. As the asset’s value grows, the financing is also paid down, increasing the owner’s wealth and return on the original down payment. Real estate often acts as a hedge, protecting assets from inflation devaluation and other investment volatility.  Renting real estate provides “an employee” to pay down the financing while the asset appreciates. Real estate investors can take advantage of many tax write-offs, increasing the profitability and benefit of ownership. Passing real estate on to heirs can transfer the property's income and appreciating value for continued legacy and wealth.

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